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Johannesson’s assets

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This is the list of Jon Asgeir Johannesson’s assets as presented to the UK court on Friday:

British assets:

Bank accounts:

Coutt’s     £30,675.89 (ISK5,8m) 5.7. 2010

Coutt’s     £71.53  (ISK13.400) 5.7. 2010


Range Rover, valued £15,000 (ISK2,8m)

Rolls Royce Phantom, valued £90.000 (ISK17m)    Regisistered on Johannesson who now claims it’s a birthday present to his wife

Aston Martin, valued £40.000 (ISK7,5m) In the process of being sold


Shares in JMS Partners, valued £32.000 (ISK6m) according to an offer from the two other shareholders (Gunnar Sigurdsson Baugur’s ex-CEO and Don McCarthy chairman of board House of Fraser) will be sold; until then Johannesson is paid as a boardmember

Icelandic assets


Laufasvegur 69, valued £600.000 (ISK113,5m)

Hverfisgata 10, valued £3.125.000 (ISK591m)*

Farmland in Skagafjordur, valued £73.000 (ISK13,8m)

Vatnsstigur, valued £182.395 (ISK34,4m)

Mjoanes, Thingvellir, valued £40.000  (ISK7,5m)

Langjokull Chalet, valued £11.000 (ISK2m)


Thu Blasol, valued 0

Gaumur efh, valued 0

101 Chalet efh, valued 0

Bank accounts:

Glitnir, ISK2,2m

Byr, ISK0,5m

Arion, ISK0,1m


Range Rover 1, valued £20.000 (ISK3,7m)

Range Rover 2, valued £20.000 (ISK3,7m)

Bentley, valued £70.000 (ISK13,2m)

*Johannesson now claims this property belongs to his wife

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July 11th, 2010 at 7:57 pm

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